Why AfroSapience? History taught that humanity started in Africa and  journeyed around our planet. So we think that the next phase of humanity stepping in the future will shine again from African empowering the whole humanity!

Our Mission is to do what it takes to get the next human leap restarted!
Our Vision is to empower people to leap through modern and impactful education strategies. 
Hop on and learn about African and the Africans and how we can unite for success! Not only it makes economical, and survival  sense to empower every human being before AI empowered devices take over and we become all obsolete! 
In addition, we know from science that Gravity forces are bidirectional.  Thus in a World full of inequalities and injustice made of a minority mass M1 of haves, and a majority mass M2 have nots, these two components of  humanity are constantly  pulling each other.  So which mass we want to win? M1 or M2?   We  believe that M1 must pull M1 or humanity will ultimately sink to oblivion! It's just common sense!
So lets connect humanity everywhere to collaborate for the success of all!